I love gardening and I try to garden all the time.  Summer is coming up and I am going to get prepared for the Spring.  You can read more about my gardening by clicking on this picture.

Garden Picture

The best thing about gardening is that it’s good for your soul. There are all kinds of quotes about things like this, you can say “treat the earth well, and it will reward you” .. I always have liked that kind of saying. It’s true that gadening really did change my life. It’s something about being out there in the earth, and digging and exerting physical energy and putting it towards something that is going to benefit you in return. It’s true, I don’t know how to describe it any other way.



Food Servers to be replaced by Robots?

By Voices30

Well here it is.  The Flying Robots are coming!  In 2015

SINGAPORE: Restaurant goers in Singapore can expect to be served by autonomous flying robots the world’s first commercial attempt by the end of next year.

Flying Robot Server
Flying Robot Server

I can’t help but wonder about this advancement in drone technology.  I can’t help but see this as another way to take away jobs.  We can’t replace every job on the planet, but we sure are going to try.  I personally don’t want to have a flying waiter.  I want a real person that I can talk to and interact with.

Have you ever been in a fast food establishment that has you punch in your order on a computer screen so that the people behind the counter can start making it?  Then they hand you a cup so you can go get your own drink.  Perhaps you have been to the supermarket where you can scan your own cart of food, and then pay the machine?

At first glance, these things may seem kind of cool, but in reality they are a huge problem.  When are we going to have the balls to stand up to these companies and tell them “I DON’T WORK HERE”.  Yet we don’t do that, we just continue to allow jobs to be taken over by technology and slow down the economy.

Remember when there used to be someone who answered the phone at any particular business you called?   Where did those people go?  Not only did it contribute to unemployment, it made the customer service experience absolutely horrible.

Every single piece of technology that is invented that can replace a human worker, is a gold mine.  It costs far less for a machine to do the work.  They don’t complain about wages, they never call in sick, and they certainly don’t stage a protest while millions of people sit unemployed with no income.  I say fire those people and get another batch in.  I would kill to have a job at Walmart right now.

Protestors Wal Mart Chicago
Proestors – Wall Mart Chicago.

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